7 tricks to take better photos with any camera, today

Time-tested photography techniques that will work on any smartphone

Make sure you have enough light

Having enough light will enable you to take better photos both indoors and outdoors

Watch where the light is coming from

When the sun is low in the sky, the sunlight is all golden and lovely, making for very nice-looking photos
The direction of light will make a huge difference when photographing people. Avoid having a bright light source directly above the person you’re photographing unless you want them to look rather scary!

Keep steady

Whatever it takes… Keep your camera steady to take better photos!
A great example of how to hold your camera for maximum stability!

Mind the background

Darker background, move subject a couple of steps away from the wall… Great portraits will ensue!

Use the rule of thirds

It doesn’t have to be exact… But place the most interesting part of the subject on or near one of the points where two lines of thirds cross.

Find an unusual angle

Find a different perspective for more interesting images!
Mushrooms have interesting lives too!


Didn’t tap the screen to focus…




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